Meat, Frozen Items, Fruits & Vegetables

Frozen Items

We supply all kind of frozen items, Furthermore, we introduced various frozen food products ranging from non-veg and veg snacks to ready to cook items.

Fruits & Vegitables

Our assortment of fruits and vegetables is worldwide. We are dealing with the best suppliers to maintain our product quality.


Our fisheries provide us with quality fish for a competitive price and we make sure the products arrive at your doorstep fresh and safely transported.

Beef & Meat

Beef and meat is our most important product in which we have broad experience. With offices in the largest beef and meat producing areas in the world.


All our poultry products can be supplied according to your specification and needs. We deliver raw materials and semi manufactured products to all stages of the industry.


We specialized in cheese, butter and milk powder. We deliver the highest quality for the most competitive price.

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